Different ways to Earn Money With Paytm

 Different ways to Earn Money With Paytm

Different ways to Earn Money With Paytm
Different ways to Earn Money With Paytm

Paytm is a very popular app. Paytm is India's leading monetary services company that provides full-stack payments & monetary solutions to customers, offline merchants, and online platforms. the corporate is on a mission to bring half] a billion Indians into the thought economy through payments, commerce, banking, investments, and monetary services.

One97 Communications restricted owns the complete Paytm is based by Vijay Shekhar Sharma and is headquartered in Noida, Uttar Pradesh. Its investors include Softbank, Ant Financial, AGH Holdings, SAIF Partners, Berkshire Hathaway,
T Rowe value, and Discovery Capital.

Vijay Shekhar Sharma, Founder & corporate executive of Paytm and One97 Communications restricted along his own Paytm Payments Bank, the country's largest digital bank with over fifty-eight million account holders. 

functioning on its mission to bring un-served & un-served Indians under the formal industry, it's created banking accessible & convenient to individuals across the country through innovative use of technology.

1. Interest

Paytm Payment  Bank Offers higher interest rates. If you've some amount of money then you can earn more interest than any other bank. At this time Paytm Payment Bank offers 5.5% per annum on FD whereas SBI offers 5.0% as on 02 Sept 2021. Moreover, you can withdraw your money anytime from Paytm Payment bank FD without penalty charges. And savings interest rate is 2.5% per annum on Paytm at today's rate.

2. Cashback & Offers

There are so many cashback offers available. If you do transactions with Paytm these offers are good for you. Popular cashback offers are money transfer offers, recharge & bill payments offer, Cashback points offers, In shop Payments Offers, Online shopping offers, and Mini app offers. Know more details here.

3. Refer & Earn

It's quite easy just to refer to your friends and earn money. Here are some ways to earn more via refer. More details are here.

4. Invest

It is easy to invest through the Paytm mobile app. Here one can invest in stocks & IPOs for free. If you're interested in investing you can definitely check.
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